Winter Fashion Essentials: The Unisex Puffer Jacket Trend

The chilly winds and dropping temperatures are a clear sign: winter is arriving in Australia. And with the onset of winter comes the hunt for the perfect, cosy winter essential to keep you warm. Look no further than the puffer jacket staple, a unisex and sustainable choice from KOZE The Label.

Why are our Puffer Jackets a Winter Essential?

1. Unisex Appeal

Puffer jackets are no longer limited to a particular gender. Our jackets, such as the Black Longline Puffer Jacket and Charcoal Puffer Jacket, are designed to suit everyone, ensuring a cosy and stylish winter for all.

Unisex black puffer jacket longline worn by male and female model

2. Sustainability

In line with our commitment to circular fashion, KOZE’s puffer jackets are sustainably produced. Not only will you be staying warm this winter, but you'll also be contributing positively to the environment.

3. Versatility & Style

Our puffer jackets are wardrobe staples that can transition effortlessly between different occasions and styles. Take, for instance, our Chocolate Cropped Puffer Jacket — its unique cropped cut and warm hue can complement any outfit, whether casual or formal.

Chocolate cropped puffer jacket worn by female model in oversized shirt sitting down

Styling Your Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets can be styled in numerous ways, making them one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe.

For a chic, minimalist look, our Black Longline Puffer Vest paired with black jeans and combat boots can be your go-to outfit.

Black longline puffer vest styled with combat boots

Want to stand out in your winter wardrobe? Try our Stone Longline Puffer Jacket, which works wonderfully with a variety of colours and styles.

Stone puffer jacket styled with scarf worn by influencer Cheryl Law

As a bonus tip, remember that layering is your friend in winter. A large knit scarf or cashmere turtleneck sweater under your puffer jacket can add an extra layer of warmth and style.


Care For Your Puffer Jacket

To ensure your puffer jacket stays looking fresh and keeps you warm season after season, follow our guide on how to clean your puffer jacket. The key is regular light maintenance, which can help your jacket last longer and perform better.


Not sure which puffer to choose? Check out our comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect puffer and our blog for the latest trends and expert advice.

Stay warm, look stylish, and make a difference with KOZE The Label. Explore our collection of sustainable, unisex puffer jackets and make the trend of the season your winter essential.

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